Learner Information – PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT

May 1st, 2017byAlan Cherwinski

A new fiscal year is underway and we are excited to announce a mini-project: an environmental scan of local data collection systems. As part of our 2017–18 business plan and with funding support from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, AlphaPlus will complete an environmental scan identifying local systems supporting the collection and […]

Heidi Silver- Pacuilla discusses Investigating the Language and Literacy Skills required for independent online learning

September 21st, 2010byMonika Jankowska-Pacyna

Heidi Silver- Pacuilla from the American Institutes of Research discusses her research report titled Investigating the Language and Literacy Skills required for independent online learning. The report examines the “threshold” levels of literacy and language proficiency needed to use the internet for independent learning. The study drew data from three sources, large scale surveys, a literature review, […]

Glossary of Online Jargon

August 24th, 2010byMaria Moriarty

Ever feel overwhelmed or just plain annoyed with all the online jargon ? Wondering what an Avatar is…. just can’t get what all the fuss about Cloud Computing is about…still wrestling with RSS ? Well here’s the answer – A Glossary to DEMYSTIFY the jargon of the online world – in a terrific Edublogger post […]

Interview with Tim Nicholls Harrison

August 10th, 2010byMonika Jankowska-Pacyna

Tim Nicholls Harrison a longtime literacy instructor and Manager of the Adult Learning Centres, Grey-Bruce-Georgian in Ontario tells us how he “discovered” Web 2.0 technology and shares his knowledge and experience about how technology can be an exciting and practical tool in support of adult literacy teaching and learning. {enclose TNichollsHarrisonJune4.mp3} Find and download this […]

Interview with Tracey Mollins

byMonika Jankowska-Pacyna

Tracey Mollins, a literacy worker and activist and an amazing online instructor and blogger at Literacies Café – shares her experiences, knowledge and wisdom – based on her extensive experience working with adult literacy students and her invaluable insights about the role that technology can and should play in teaching and learning. {enclose TMollinsMay28.mp3} Find […]

Interview with Rose Strohmaier

byMonika Jankowska-Pacyna

Rose Strohmaier from the Community Learning Centre, South Frontenac, part of Kingston Literacy , Ontario, who tells us about how she uses a blog with her students and talks about her participation in the Getting Online course and much more. {enclose RStrohmeierApr30.mp3} Find and download this podcast on iTunes.

Interview with Laurie Gallant

byMonika Jankowska-Pacyna

Laurie Gallant from English Montreal School Board shares his perspective, as an adult education instructor on the introduction of a new program in his school board which includes a greater emphasis on the use of technology. Laurie discusses the challenges and opportunities facing instructors with the introduction of the new program and the technology orientation […]

Interview with Karin Meinzer

byMonika Jankowska-Pacyna

Karin Meinzer from PTP Adult Learning & Employment Programs in Toronto talks about her experiences in introducing and using technology in her classroom. Karin has made very innovative use of blogging software in her work with students and shares her insights about using technology as a tool to support literacy and numeracy practice. {enclose KMeinzerMay14.mp3} […]

Interview with Debera Flynn

byMonika Jankowska-Pacyna

Debera Flynn from the QUILL Learning Network shares her enthusiasm for using technology to save time and to enable communication and collaboration across the literacy field. {enclose DFlynnQUILLMay7.mp3} Find and download this podcast on iTunes.

Interview with Amanda Burdick

August 9th, 2010byMonika Jankowska-Pacyna

Amanda Burdick from  Literacy Link South Central and adult literacy network in London, Ontario tells us about how her organization makes use of a Wiki to work collaboratively and about her innovative use of  mp3 technology to make the network’s web site more accessible. {enclose AburdickLLSCApril23.mp3} Find and download this podcast on iTunes.

Transliteracy Conference materials on YouTube …

July 29th, 2010byMaria Moriarty

I just got this message from our friend and colleague Tim Nicholls Harrison – our host at the awesome Transliteracy Conference back in June… go to YouTube to check out some the materials we worked with at the conference… Thank you for the kind words! The conference was truly amazing. It was wonderful to see […]

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