Learner Information – PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT

May 1st, 2017byAlan Cherwinski

A new fiscal year is underway and we are excited to announce a mini-project: an environmental scan of local data collection systems. As part of our 2017–18 business plan and with funding support from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, AlphaPlus will complete an environmental scan identifying local systems supporting the collection and […]

Transliteracy Conference materials on YouTube …

July 29th, 2010byMaria Moriarty

I just got this message from our friend and colleague Tim Nicholls Harrison – our host at the awesome Transliteracy Conference back in June… go to YouTube to check out some the materials we worked with at the conference… Thank you for the kind words! The conference was truly amazing. It was wonderful to see […]

Connecting with Twitter

July 16th, 2010byMaria Moriarty

Way back in September 2009 I posted a link to a fantastic post by Jane Hart on Fifty Twitter Tutorials for Teachers – I must confess that even though I spent some time working on some of the tutorials I haven’t exactly made much use of Twitter !!! In fact I wondered if and how […]

Wikis at Literacy Link South Central (LLSC)

July 15th, 2010byMonika Jankowska-Pacyna

In 2008, we realized that our service area was so vast that we needed a more practical, economical way to keep in touch and share resources with programs on an everyday basis. We learned that sending large documents through email can be time-consuming, and is sometimes not possible. We decided that an interactive online communications forum would be the best way to share documents, news, best practices, and resources. Our needs were met with a wiki – a free, secure, online environment that allows LLSC to distribute information to programs quickly and easily.

Two great new resources about adult literacy…

June 23rd, 2010byMaria Moriarty

I am always amazed by the versatility of literacy workers – although they are often over-stretched and under-resourced they still mange to find ways to produce great materials – Here are two more – from Community Literacy Ontario – Six Online Literacy Presentations – these excellent audio-visual presentations are clear, concise and informative and will […]

Using wikis for online collaboration – simply view, edit and save

June 17th, 2010byMonika Jankowska-Pacyna

A wiki is essentially an online database for creating, browsing, and searching through information in one centralized location. It eliminates the need to resend documents/files from one person to another.
Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites, to power community websites, to record personal notes, and to share ideas. You may also see wikis used in corporate intranets and in knowledge management systems.

Explore the Wikis in Plain English video to learn more about wikis and review 7 things you should know about Wikis to gain insights into how they can be used with students and among colleagues.

Cool Tools …

byMaria Moriarty

As we know the internet is literally growing every second – I first saw this very neat Social Media Counter at the Transliteracy conference – it’s an astounding visual – watch the internet grow literally before your eyes!! At the conference we also played a lot with Word Clouds – collections of words from documents […]

Protecting yourself from Malware

May 31st, 2010byMaria Moriarty

Malware is shorthand for malicious software – those nasty  viruses, trojans etc. that can invade and damage your computer –  we have probably all had to deal with it at some time… here are a couple of good links with great information about malware and how to protect yourself… The first, Is Malware Malicious? is […]

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