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In 1998, AlphaPlus Centre was created through the merging of “AlphaCom,” an electronic discussion forum for literacy practitioners and learners, and “Alpha Ontario,” a Toronto Public Library project that began in 1991 for adult literacy and immigrant language training practitioners.

Continuing in the tradition of Alpha Ontario, AlphaPlus Centre’s mandate was to provide information, resources, and support services to adult literacy and language training programs via practitioners working in Deaf, Native, Francophone, Anglophone, and second language learning communities in Ontario.

In 1999, AlphaPlus began its transition into web-based training with the use of innovative online learning environments and content management systems such as AlphaRoute, Centra, and Moodle. These programs informed the literacy community of the demand for online learning and paved the way for our current web-based information and learning technology focus.

Our current mandate is to increase adult literacy skills through the use of digital technologies by supporting educators and stakeholders with research, tools and training. We service adult literacy agencies and educators in Ontario and Canada in the following four literacy streams: Deaf, Native, Francophone and Anglophone.