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Mission, Vision and Values

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AlphaPlus seeks to further adult learning by helping educators and organizations to become digitally enabled.


We envision a Canada where all people have the literacy and digital skills to enable them to participate actively in the social, political, cultural and economic life of our country.


    • Literacy is a life-enhancing set of skills, enabling people to fully participate in their communities and see life as full of possibility.
    • Using digital technologies is an essential component of literacy. They are critical to almost every activity in our economy and society.
    • Adult learners should have fair and equitable access to basic education through a variety of options in order to meet their unique needs, culture, and circumstances.
    • Learners, educators and AlphaPlus work together in a constantly changing learning environment.
    • AlphaPlus uses digital technology tools to model behaviour to the field and to enhance our own learning.