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Just Ask AlphaPlus

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Just Ask allows you to quickly connect with AlphaPlus staff by using our online chat or by leaving a message.
Want to try it out? Just click on the button in the sidebar.

What kind of questions can I “Just Ask”?

Do you have questions about setting up a blog, a wiki, or other web-based tools? Have you been looking for online resources, wanting to discuss research on the use of web-based technologies for educational purposes, or simply needing someone to discuss your ideas with? We will do our best to help! If we don’t know the answer right away, we will work hard to get you the help you need.

How do I start a Just Ask chat session?

When you have a question to ask, click on the Just Ask button located in the right sidebar. A chat window opens that allows you to have a live chat with our staff or to leave a message if we are not online, for a quick follow-up.

Note: You may need to enable pop-ups. Click here to learn how.

The Just Ask ONLINE button shows that one of AlphaPlus’ staff members is online ready for a live chat

The Just Ask OFFLINE button means we are away but you can leave a note and someone will follow up shortly

Is Just Ask available in French?

Yes, we provide service in French. We have two staff who support our French service. If they are not available when you start a chat, we may need to take a message and have them contact you as soon as they can. To start a chat in French, go to our French language website by clicking on the language link in the right upper corner of the screen. Then click on the “Demandez-nous” button in the right sidebar.

Is the online chat the only way to use Just Ask?

In the future, we will add other communication modes to our service such as video calls using Skype. Also, we are developing a listing of the most common questions or FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Your questions and our responses will form the basis of our future FAQs where you may find answers to commonly asked questions. We will use clear language to provide you with basic technology troubleshooting via the FAQs, including referrals to websites for hardware, software, and Internet connectivity-related problems.

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