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Strategic Goals

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Our strategic goals for 2013-2016:

1. Research and Innovation
AlphaPlus is engaged in the search for new ways to use technological tools to assist educators in the Adult Literacy and Basic Education field.  This includes discreet tools, curriculum and lesson plans as well as best practices for agencies in planning and organization. This takes the form of field study, literature surveys, and original research. AlphaPlus endeavours to discover real world issues occurring in LBS education and to propose practical solutions.

2. Resource Development
Once tools and best practices are identified, AlphaPlus organizes this information in formats that allow the field to easily deploy these tools or methods.  It also creates planning tools to allow agencies currently unable to implement these tools and practices to transition their agencies to a point where deployment is possible.

3. Professional Development and Education
AlphaPlus seeks to share its knowledge with the LBS field through the creation of professional development programs targeted at LBS instructors and LBS program administrators.  These professional development opportunities will be offered in a variety of formats, both in person and via the internet.

4. Communications and Promotions 
Demonstrate the unique qualities and mission of AlphaPlus by undertaking a variety of activities designed to make the field aware of its research and services offered. AlphaPlus also advocates for technological innovation within the LBS field and seeks ways to make these services available to all practitioners and programs.

5. Support and Consultation
Focus on the practical needs of practitioners and agencies to incorporate blended learning into instruction, and instruct about technology and help to clarify Competency D of the OALCF.

6. Partnerships
Seek partnership projects that play to AlphaPlus' unique abilities and which might offer revenue streams beyond MTCU.