Summer Reading

July 20th, 2015 by maria

While they’re not exactly “beach reads”, these two recently released reports make for very interesting and relevant reading for anyone interested in how to support adult students in navigating the digital world for employment, and in how to use technology to bridge time and distance.

First up is, Adults, Computers and Problem Solving What’s the Problem? from the OECD providing an analysis of he results from the Survey of Adult Skills related to problem solving in technology-rich environments.

The report shows that the ability to use computers is not only becoming an essential skill, but proficiency in computer use has an impact on the likelihood of participating in the labour force and on workers’ wages” (p.3)

Second is Blended Learning for the Adult Education Classroom by David Rosen and Carmine Stewart two experienced educators in the field of adult basic education and adult literacy. This guide is addressed to adult educators and provides a very clear and accessible “road-map” to the what, the why and the how of blended learning.


Personal Digital Toolbox

June 20th, 2015 by maria

Are you looking for a simple and quick way to find online resources  for teaching and learning? Look no further – The Personal Digital Toolbox for Busy Educators may be just what you are looking for.  Although this LiveBinder was assembled for teachers in Colorado school districts, it is a very full list that links to a very wide range of resources – from Google Drive to iPad Apps – and could be a very helpful starting point for adult literacy instructors.

If you are new to LiveBinder or want to learn more check out o the AlphaPlus LiveBinder Webinar Recording


Everything you ever wanted to know about Web Browsers

May 26th, 2015 by maria

Here’s a link to a handy and straightforward post on Edublogger about Web Browsers.  I know that I often “blame” a website or my computer ( or myself!) when I run into display problems  when it is probably much more likely a browser issue. The Educator’s Guide to Web Browsers is a very helpful tool to help me solve some of those issues and I know  I will be making use of it when I run into problems.

The guide covers the basics of troubleshooting browser problems, tips to optimize performance and how to deal with your cache. It is also a good resource for developing learning activities to help students develop good web and digital literacy skills.