The Reader – a ‘video poem’ about literacy…

Just had to share this short video called The Reader.   It’s actually a commercial for Bell’s Whiskey in South Africa – but don’t let that stop you watching – it is also an inspirational and beautiful “video poem” about the power of literacy and the joy of learning.



3 Responses to “The Reader – a ‘video poem’ about literacy…”

  1. Claudette Markus says:

    What a beautiful story! The eager desire to read A book, written by his son no less, fuels a humble man’s quest to learn to read. I loved watching him progress from reading small children’s books to eventually culminating in him telling his son that HE read his book… No, really, he READ his book. Such a touching video.

  2. Ida Hilsom says:

    That was good Video its was so great and nice to see that man read his son book and to learn is words too what a
    touching Video

  3. Dorothee Komangapik says:

    This is what being a literacy practitioner is all about – helping people to read and write and thereby transforming and broadening their lives. Thank you for this.

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