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Do you believe in the power of e-learning? We do.

That’s because we have seen firsthand how e-learning can benefit all levels of learners – whether they learn from home, or from a learning or training centre. And given the choice of online tools and classes available today, it’s easy to find a program to help your learners upgrade their computer skills while simultaneously upgrading their employment skills.

We would like to share with you some of the learner stories that we have been privileged to witness.

To view and print two learner stories as a postcard that were designed for an awareness campaign in 2008 about the successful use of e-learning in adult basic education click here.

If you have learner stories you would like to share with us, please send them to [email protected].

Danielle was looking forward to continuing her education

Danielle entered a distance learning program in September 2004, while maintaining a home for her two children. It gave her a unique opportunity to work toward enrolling in a post-secondary program at the same time. As of January 2005, she was working toward the completion of LBS Level 3 communications and numeracy. She had become more confident in her ability to complete assignments successfully, and she had begun considering options for post-secondary education. Here are Danielle’s comments:

“I enrolled in the Literacy and Basic Skills Distance Delivery Program in September 2004. I have really enjoyed the program. It lets me do the work at home which is great for me as I have two children I raise on my own and also work part-time. I like checking in once a week and handing in my work. I find by doing this it gives me incentive to accomplish my assignments. I love the AlphaRoute assignments very much. I find them fun, interesting, and educational. I am proud I have committed myself to this program and look forward to continuing my education. In the future I plan to take the Teacher’s Aide program.”

Richard's goal was to go back to school

Richard began a distance learning program in September 2004. His job and his financial responsibilities prevented him from attending classes at the college. The flexible nature of the LBS distance learning pilot afforded Richard an opportunity to study according to his schedule. In addition to being highly motivated, he had computer and Internet access at home. He wanted to develop the skills necessary to succeed in future post-secondary studies and was considering several post-secondary opportunities. As of January 2005 he was nearing completion of LBS Level 3 preparatory activities and demonstrations.

“The mentor has been more than I could ask for. He has been a great influence on giving me the drive and confidence to continue and has made me feel I can accomplish my goals. I really have no other support except myself trying to believe I can make this happen. So far, the program has been great for the reason of convenience. The hours are very flexible to give a guy the chance to go make some money in order to pay some bills. My goal in taking this program is to give myself the chance to go back to school and pursue a career that I will enjoy the rest of my life.“

Elizabeth wanted to learn at her own pace

Elizabeth began a distance learning program in late September 2004. As a mother of two, she had not previously considered classes in an LBS program due to daycare issues and family responsibilities. From September 2004 to January 2005 she participated in the program on a regular basis and demonstrated both a commitment to learning and an ability to balance her responsibilities at home with her studies. As of January 2005 Elizabeth had completed most of the preparatory activities and demonstrations for LBS Level 3 numeracy and communications and was still participating in the program.

“After the program, I plan to enter the college and take courses. My goals are to take it one assignment at a time and to work through the levels and work toward post-secondary. The learning activities [in AlphaRoute] are easy to follow and I like the variety of activities. I am also a lot more focused and able to think more clearly than in the past. I can see the work I have completed. I know I’ve done [well] because of the results with my tests and the progress sheets for math and communications. The teacher is very encouraging and supportive when I need his assistance. My schedule is flexible, and I can learn at my own pace. If I need help at home, I can email my teacher. I also like the fact that I can do my homework from any available online computer.”

Keith wanted to learn and now helps others with their computers

Keith entered the LBS Distance Delivery Program with minimal skills in communications and mathematics. Participating in the program was part of his plan to get off the street and become employable. Schoolwork was clearly difficult for Keith, yet he demonstrated his commitment to the program by reporting regularly and completing his assignments. After some time, Keith began to check in with the mentor once a week. He showed more confidence in himself and in his ability to learn. Keith was proud to be a partner in directing his own education. Working on LBS Level 2 communications, he demonstrated an improved ability to comprehend and to respond to written material. Moreover, he became a confident Internet user and was able to access and utilize a range of educational resources.

"When I first started LBS I was nervous and uncomfortable. I didn’t know what the letters LBS stood for. Now I can plan my schoolwork for the day and if I need help I ask. I can understand better when I am reading a newspaper at home or online. I am improving in math and I am working on lessons in division. I learned how to turn on a computer, use the Internet, Microsoft Word, Keyboarding Tutor, and I can also do web searches, log on to websites such as AlphaRoute, and do AlphaRoute exercises. I can help other people with their computers."