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AlphaPlus and OALCF

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As part of the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum’s (OALCF) curriculum development team, AlphaPlus conducted research and analysis on the use of computers and digital technology in literacy training delivery.

We also coordinated the publication of OALCF documents, posted in the Employment Ontario Partnership Gateway (EOPG) section of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) website. The online content provides literacy educators and stakeholders with access to official OALCF resources, support and tools. The site also provides information about the history and background of the OALCF and is the go-to place for new resources and information about the OALCF.

As the OALCF is implemented across Employment Ontario, AlphaPlus will continue to support literacy educators and agencies by providing tools and resources to increase digital literacy skills among adult learners through a goal-oriented approach to skill development. We will continue to promote best practices of the use of digital technologies in the delivery of the Curriculum.

In the Fall and Winter, we will collect and analyze data from an online satisfaction survey distributed to literacy practitioners in Ontario, about the quality of OALCF documents and tools, and suggestions on how these may be improved to better meet the needs of the field.

For assistance in implementing the OALCF’s “Use digital technology” competency, please contact AlphaPlus at [email protected] or click on the Just Ask button on the AlphaPlus homepage to chat with a member of our staff.