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Are you ready to learn online?

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In today’s world, learning with digital technology is becoming more integrated with adult basic education programs. In many educational settings, learners are assessed on their reading and writing skills, but where are learners at in terms of their ability to use computers and other digital tools? In Ontario, online learning options have become more available through literacy programs like the LearningHUB and Good Learning Anywhere. But what is it like to learn online? How can learners have a sense of what to expect?

The Are you ready to learn online? course is designed to help learners figure out if online learning is "right" for them, to assess their computer skills, to check to see if they have the necessary equipment/software and to help teachers assess learners’ comfort with computers.

The course is available in basic and enhanced format and was designed to:

  • give learners a sense of what online learning is like
  • help teachers assess learners’ comfort with computers and see how much support learners need to learn online

Online, it offers learners:

  • an interactive orientation about online learning
  • self-assessment activities to check their computer skills
  • a check-up on the equipment/software they will need for online learning

The course benefits are:

  • online activities to using software
  • independent learning and collaborative activities
  • learning content levelled with curriculum standards

The activities included in the course are aligned with the Use Digital Technology competency of the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF).

To preview the course, visit our Sample Courses site (no login required). On the Virtual Classroom for Adult Educators VCAE (login required) you can view the course from the perspective of a learner and try out the activities.

To view the the course as a teacher and customize it, you can request to have a copy set up specifically for you on the Virtual Classroom for Adults Learners  VCAL (login required). There you can also add learners to the course upon request.

Contact Matthias at [email protected].

In March 2012, we delivered a webinar to introduce this course to literacy practitioners. Below you will find audio recording and presentation slides from the session.

Click on the triangular play button to listen to the recording:

Online learning readiness webinar - presentation.pdf