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Getting to Know Moodle in ASL

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In 2011, AlphaPlus, in partnership with the Ottawa Community Coalition for Literacy, produced a series of six short captioned videos in ASL that introduce Moodle to Deaf learners and educators.

The videos are:

Complementary to the videos are 3 short courses developed in Moodle where students can apply the knowledge they learn in the video series. The courses include short captioned videos in ASL and show how common daily tasks can be linked to Essential Skills. The course activities introduce the nine Essential Skills giving students the opportunity to improve their Essential Skills and learn how to do online courses using Moodle.

    The course titles are:

    • Connecting Budgeting to Essential Skills
    • Connecting Caring for the Environment to Essential Skills
    • Connecting Responsibilities at Work to Essential Skills

    These three courses are available on Moodle sites hosted by AlphaPlus.

    A wonderful team of skilled and knowledge students, educators and specialists produced the videos and courses for this project.  We thank them all for their contribution.  Watch the Credits video to learn who they are.

    Check out the complementary online resource, Getting to Know the Library in ASL, located on the Ottawa Community Coalition website.