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Technology Coaching Service Update: Get on Our Waiting List!
Due to overwhelming response to our invitation to participate in Technology Coaching services, all available spots for the 2016-2017 cycle are now full.

If you have questions or would like to be added to the waiting list please contact Alan Cherwinski directly at [email protected]



AlphaPlus provides tools, training and tailored coaching services to organisations applying technology in adult learning environments. Our approach is designed to meet individual organisational needs, identify new and existing technology resources, and increase organisational and instructor confidence and efficiency.

Your organization is one of a limited number invited to strengthen its technology capacity through coaching over the next 3 to 10 months.

What is the AlphaPlus technology coaching service?

Our comprehensive coaching services are delivered using an organization centered approach to create technology planning road maps and connect organisations at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels with new resources and technologies.

AlphaPlus works hand-in-hand with a broad range of adult education providers to responsively support the integration of digital learning solutions.

We seek to interface with an array of audiences to increase knowledge and uptake of technology tools. 

Though collaborative coaching, our experienced AlphaPlus coaches assist organizations providing adult education services to:

    • Adopt digital technology solutions that increase learner success, enhance the education experience, and strengthen organisational capacity and performance.
    • Better utilize digital technology to support and sustain referrals and improve transition outcomes.
    • Support the seamless inclusion of technology across curriculum and competencies.
    • Implement best practice use of technology for instruction.
    • Improve the integration of technology in assessment practices.
    • Improve use of technology for business administrative: planning, resourcing, measuring, & communication.

AlphaPlus Coaches provide ongoing support that is individually tailored using an organisation centered approach to help agencies:

    • Examine all aspects of how technology is used in their programs.
    • Identify obstacles to and opportunities for the greater use of technology.
    • Introduce technology-planning tools to help agencies map and reach defined technology goals (each plan will be unique to the agency and include technology implementation in the classroom and administration).
    • Create technology planning road maps and connect organisations at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels with new resources and technologies.
    • Work with agency staff to identify short term goals achievable this year while also planning for longer term goals better achieved in stages.
    • Document agency level technology implementation change by conducting assessments and inventories.
    • Help agencies achieve and report better results in the MTCU Performance Management System. 

What is AlphaPlus offering my agency?

  • Free, tools, training, and coaching to bridge the gap between an organization’s current skills and new learning technologies/strategies.
  • Focused engagement and planning through coaching to increase technology use in literacy delivery.
  • Collaborative support and tools resulting in technology planning road maps that identify both short and long term goals.
  • Practical, hands-on support in meeting or advancing up to two targeted technology objectives this fiscal year.
  • Improved business practices, program delivery, and delivery of digital literacy to learners.

What is AlphaPlus asking of me?

  • Participation in regularly scheduled meetings with AlphaPlus coaches online, by telephone and, if possible, face-to-face at your agency), to develop an action plan to guide our work together during the year.
  • A service plan that outlines the expectations and commitments of both parties during the year.
  • A collaboratively developed technology planning road map specifically defining what technology equipment you currently have in place, what technology goals you want to achieve, and actions to make that happen.
  • Committed internal staff resources to support the implementation of some or all technology planning road map goals in the year.
  • Completion of post technology planning and coaching assessments.

What is AlphaPlus required demonstrate to funders?

The AlphaPlus technology coaching service is a business plan deliverable for our organisation. As such, we are required to report the following to the MTCU:

    1. Evidence of a technology plan (focused on service improvement) developed in collaboration with participating agencies.
    2. Measurable changes in the use of technology in literacy training as a result of the service provided by AlphaPlus technology coaching services.

“What if my agency can't participate this year?”

AlphaPlus plans to offer technology planning road map services on an ongoing basis and may be available to work intensively with your agency in a future year. 

Agencies who are unable to participate this year can take advantage of the following free services throughout the year:

    • Access to webinars and educational opportunities to advance technology skills.
    • Shared tools and best practices based on what we learn as we assist agencies create technology plans.
    • Shared overall data with MTCU of commonly expressed technology planning needs/issues by LBS agencies identified as a result of our service.