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Technology Planning Roadmap

tech_planning_imageThe Technology Planning Roadmap is a set of packages designed to help adult literacy organizations make the best use of the technology they already have and to plan for their future needs.

The set of packages is based on our developing understanding of the important role planning plays in the successful integration of digital technologies in teaching and learning. This understanding is based on extensive literature reviews focused on the use and integration of technology in the education and nonprofit sectors as well as our work in and with the adult literacy field in Ontario.

The Technology Planning Roadmap consists of four packages:

  1. Technology Infrastructure Inventory Package
  2. Technology Assessment and Processes Package
  3. Technology Plan Package
  4. Technology Professional Development Plan Package

They can be used together or separately, and in the order that works best for your organization.

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to watch a webinar recording introducing the Technology Planning Roadmap.

You can also download the Technology Planning Roadmap presentation in PDF.


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Technology Planning Roadmap (PDF format) Technology Planning Roadmap (PDF format)

Date added: 11/30/2012
Date modified: 11/30/2012
Filesize: 779.86 kB
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This Technology Planning Roadmap set is available in PDF.

Technology Planning Roadmap (Microsoft Word format) Technology Planning Roadmap (Microsoft Word format)

Date added: 11/30/2012
Date modified: 07/19/2013
Filesize: 7.98 MB
Downloads: 4134

This Technology Planning Roadmap set is available in Microsoft Word allowing you to edit, revise and/or adapt content to suit the priorities and needs that you have identified for your own agency.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the fonts, program and settings on your own computer, some content might shift when the file is opened.