25 Useful Web Tools

April 13th, 2008 by Administrator

j0406942.jpg                I  was introduced to  25 Tools  by a couple of my  resourceful colleagues at AlphaPlus…   thank you Mary and Trudy…  This is a completely free professional development resource for educators and workplace trainers put together by Jane Hart a well-known expert in the area of e-learning ( see her very informative E-Learning Handbook)  and is intended to help us learn about  the range of technologies and tools available for learning.

The tools include some like FIREFOX and DELICIOUS  that are quite well known and others like FREEMIND a brainstorming tool,  and NVU  a tool to build web pages and web sites , are less well known but have potential to be very useful.

Each tool is accompanied by a number of short tasks to help you  learn more about how to use the tool,  the technology behind the tool, why it is so popular and applications in teaching and learning. Best of all each of the tools on the list are free.

So check out this wonderful resource – maybe pick a favourite and tell us why and how you will be using it.