About AlphaPlus

AlphaPlus is Ontario’s only organization focussed on helping adult literacy education professionals to incorporate digital technology. We believe that through the use of digital technology in our sector, we can build capacity, create equity and access to learning, and enhance learning experiences. We work as a leader and guide, sharing knowledge and directly helping literacy educators and administrators to integrate technology in innovative ways that increase effectiveness and reach.

Who we serve

Our education consultants serve the francophone, anglophone, deaf and indigenous communities. They bring a specialized understanding of the technology needs of adult educators and the challenges facing the broader sector.

What we do

LEADERSHIP –  We champion the use of technology in adult education to create equity and access to learning, and enhance learning experiences.

SUPPORTING INSTRUCTORS AND ADMINISTRATORS – We help adult literacy educators to integrate technology into teaching, and we help program managers and coordinators to integrate technology into program administration.

GUIDANCE: DIRECT SUPPORT –  We provide direct, customized support through tools, training and tailored coaching; building confidence and empowering adult education professionals to develop innovative new approaches.

GUIDANCE: SHARING KNOWLEDGE – We facilitate learning and networking by curating resources, and exchanging knowledge, best practices and hands-on experiences within Ontario’s Literacy & Basic Skills (LBS) sector.

TEAM OF EXPERTS– Our specialized team members have expertise in the use of digital technology in education, as well as experience in and understanding of the adult literacy education field.

BUILDING CAPACITY– When educators and organizations incorporate relevant technology into adult education curriculum and program administration, they can increase relevance, responsiveness and reach.