The AlphaPlus Centre was created in 1998 following the merger of AlphaCom (an electronic discussion forum for literacy practitioners and learners) and a Toronto Public Library adult literacy and language training project for practitioners called Alpha Ontario.
Mandated to provide information, resources and support services to adult literacy and language training programs, the newly formed AlphaPlus Centre began providing services to deaf, indigenous, francophone, anglophone and second-language-learning communities in Ontario.

In 1999, AlphaPlus transitioned to deliver web-based training with specific focus on online learning environments and content management systems. Through ongoing engagement and uptake of learning tools within the literacy community, the demand for digital learning has paved the way for AlphaPlus’s current web-based information and technology focus.

Today, AlphaPlus works collaboratively with adult education service providers to augment adult literacy skills and to support educators and stakeholders serving learners in the deaf, indigenous, francophone and anglophone literacy streams to enhance learner outcomes through research, customized training, digital tools and technology coaching.