To help adult education providers understand and adopt digital technology solutions that increase learner success, enhance the education experience, and strengthen organizational capacity and performance.

Who we serve

AlphaPlus provides tailored coaching services to organizations applying technology in adult learning environments. Our approach is designed to meet individual organizational needs, identify new and existing resources, and increase organizational and instructor confidence and efficiency.

The services we provide

Our comprehensive coaching services are delivered using an organization-centred approach to create technology-planning road maps and connect organizations at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with new resources and technologies.
AlphaPlus works hand in hand with a broad range of adult education providers to responsively support the integration of digital learning solutions.
We seek to interact with an array of audiences to increase knowledge and uptake of technology tools.

Unique value or benefit

The only provincial agency of its kind, AlphaPlus provides tools, training and coaching to bridge the gap between an organization’s current skills and new technologies and strategies.
Our coaches serve the francophone, anglophone, deaf and aboriginal communities, and understand their technology needs as well as the challenges facing the broader adult education sector.
By integrating technology into adult education services, organizations can improve their business practices, program delivery and teaching of digital literacy to learners.
We offer services to beginner, intermediate and advanced educators. No matter what your agency’s current technology skill or capacity level, AlphaPlus can help you catch up, keep up or get out front.


A Canada where all citizens have the necessary literacy and digital skills to actively participate, learn and succeed in the social, political, cultural and economic life of our country.