Education and Technology Consultants

Monika Jankowska-Pacyna

Monika Jankowska-Pacyna
Organizational Development Consultant – Education and Technology
416-322-1012  |  1-800-788-1120 | Ext. 117

Monika brings years of experience in project management, applied educational technologies, communications and social media platform management to her work. As an education consultant, she helps adult education service providers explore and implement new technologies and use them in business, administrative and classroom settings.

Monika holds a degree in business management with a minor in finance, and has completed the adult learning and development program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). A lifelong learner, Monika is often found exploring new tools and taking online courses, including her most recent educational pursuit: becoming a Google-certified educator and trainer.

As an education consultant, Monika specializes in:

  • Providing ongoing formal and informal support to explore, assess and implement new and innovative digital learning and communication technologies.
  • Guiding the creation of organizational plans, reports and data tracking.
  • Promoting information- and resource-sharing among adult education service providers.
  • Delivering customized workshops and webinars.

Key skills and expertise:

  • Google Apps (Google for Nonprofits, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Keep, Gmail and more)
  • Weebly, WordPress, Wix, Drupal, Joomla
  • Social media and events tools (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Hootsuite, YouTube, Eventbrite)
  • Online conferencing tools (Skype, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, Adobe Connect,
Maria Moriarty

Maria Moriarty
Organizational Development Consultant – Education and Technology
416-322-1012  | 1-800-788-1120 | Ext. 106

Maria has spent many years in the adult literacy field. Her time with AlphaPlus began in the print library, where she developed in-depth knowledge of the information and resource needs and priorities of adult literacy professionals and students. In recent years, Maria has collaborated with a wide range of programs, instructors and co-ordinators to explore how digital technologies and tools can be effectively integrated to support teaching, learning and program administration.

As an education consultant, Maria specializes in: 

  • IT planning and coaching (formal and informal methodologies) including needs assessments and reflective practice.
  • Problem-solving strategies including technology-based solutions for community-based literacy programs, and school board and college academic upgrading programs.
  • Identification of learning resources, evaluation, file storage and backup, and integrated tasks.
  • Alignment of digital technology resources and online learning activities with the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF).

Key skills and expertise:

  • Workshop and training session development, design, delivery and evaluation.
  • Mobile technologies in adult literacy teaching and learning.
  • Secondary research of adult learning and technology issues.
  • Knowledge of current research trends, tools and results in relation to digital technologies in adult foundational education.

Tracey Mollins
Organizational Development Consultant – Education and Technology
416-322-1012  |  1-800-788-1120 | Ext. 108

Christine Pinsent-Johnson
Organizational Development Consultant – Education and Technology
416-322-1012  |  1-800-788-1120 | Ext. 206

Guylaine Vinet

Guylaine Vinet
Organizational Development Consultant – Education and Technology
416-322-1012  |  1-800-788-1120 | Ext. 121

Guylaine brings expertise in supporting francophone, deaf, anglophone and indigenous communities within the adult education sector. Her work has included training and development of adult educators and organizations using digital tools to facilitate online learning for teachers and students alike. Guylaine assists programs in identifying and implementing resources and technologies to meet their instructional and administrative needs in both official languages.

As an education consultant, Guylaine specializes in:

  • Working with the francophone community, college programs, coordinators and instructors.
  • Information and cloud content management, IT planning, social media, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Learning resource curation.

Key skills and expertise:

  • Building online resource collections.
  • Managing websites and content.
  • Moodle and e-learning tools in adult basic education.


Alan Cherwinski

Alan Cherwinski
Executive Director
416-322-1012  |  1-800-788-1120 | Ext. 103

Executive Director since 2015, Alan promotes professional learning and innovation at AlphaPlus that empowers its education consultants. He has been with AlphaPlus since the beginning and has worked continually to develop its capacity to help adult learning organizations make the best use of technology.

Randi Thomson
Controller416-322-1012  |  1-800-788-1120 | Ext. 214

Suman Goswami

Suman Goswami
Financial Assistant
416-322-1012  |  1-800-788-1120 | Ext. 214