Alex Martin wanted to be a role model for his son

June 17th, 2010 by Administrator

Alex Martin often felt helpless when his 12-year-old son, Thomas, needed support with his school work. A single parent who had dropped out of high school, Alex was finding it increasingly difficult to support his son’s learning needs. Thomas’ grades were slipping and Alex was worried about his son’s future.

“I wanted to help my son do something with his life,” said Alex. “But at twelve, he was more advanced than I was. It reminded me of the movie ‘I am Sam.’ The girl quits learning because she doesn’t want to be smarter than her father. I didn’t want Thomas to think that way.”

Thanks to e-learning, Alex completed his grade 12 equivalency in just two years. Through a series of learning activities on his home computer and the support of a mentor, Alex gained a lot of confidence. Today he volunteers at Thomas’ school. His son is thriving and their relationship has improved dramatically. E-learning made a powerful impact on their lives.

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