Alex Martin wanted to be a role model for his son

June 17th, 2010 by Administrator

Alex Martin often felt helpless when his 12-year-old son, Thomas, needed support with his school work. A single parent who had dropped out of high school, Alex was finding it increasingly difficult to support his son’s learning needs. Thomas’ grades were slipping and Alex was worried about his son’s future. “I wanted to help my […]

What difference does it make?

May 7th, 2010 by Administrator

This is a research study focused on the effectiveness of online learning using AlphaRoute, from the adult literacy student’s perspective. Adult students were asked if using AlphaRoute was helping them build literacy and technology skills, and if they were able to apply these skills in their daily lives. This study includes structured interviews with students […]

Crossing the Great Divides – Executive Summary

 by Administrator

Distance learning and flexible delivery of Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs present great potential for addressing a variety of barriers often experienced by adult learners who require literacy learner support. These barriers, or great divides, include significant distances to existing services, child care needs, work schedule restrictions, lack of enrolment space in onsite programs, needs […]

Crossing the Great Divides – Full Report

 by Administrator

154 learners ranging in age from 27 to 39 participated in this research study, developing and piloting distance and online learning delivery models for adult basic education (ABE) programs in Ontario, Canada. Almost three-quarters of the participants were women, the preferred language of two-thirds of the participants was English, and half of the learners were […]

Skills at Work series: Practitioner Guide to Workbooks 1 and 2

March 31st, 2010 by Administrator

This practitioner guide gives tutors and instructors information and guidelines on how to use the workbooks and how to match the materials to the rest of their literacy programming. Tutors and instructors will find ideas for setting up and using the activities in the workbook, information about Essential Skills resources, and suggestions for using the […]

Skills at Work series: Guide to Blended Learning

 by Administrator

This resource is a guide to using a blended approach to learning. Focuses on bringing the best resources, technology, and practices from the e-learning world into the classroom setting – blended learning combines the best features of face-to-face sessions with the flexibility of e-learning. Developed as part of the Skills at Work set, this literacy […]

Skills at Work series: Guide to Workforce Literacy

 by Administrator

This guide provides background information on workforce literacy, ideas on program planning and examples of what other workforce-focused literacy agencies in Ontario have done to support learners who have employment goals. Developed as part of the Skills at Work set, this guide explores common entry-level jobs and how literacy, numeracy, and technical skills are used […]

Skills at Work series: Workbook 2

 by Administrator

This workbook helps learners explore employers’ expectations about reading, writing, and math on the job. They will read about the tasks people do every day in different kinds of jobs. Developed as part of the Skills at Work set, this workbook explores common entry-level jobs and how literacy, numeracy, and technical skills are used at […]

Skills at Work series: Workbook 1

 by Administrator

This workbook allows learners to collect information about their employment goals and about the world of work. They identify skills they need to work on to reach their goals. They will find information about different kinds of training and learn some ways to find, save, and use information about jobs. Developed as part of the […]

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