Designing a new service that will provide LBS organizations with IT planning and integration supports

June 25th, 2013 by Monika Jankowska-Pacyna

digitally_enabled teacher logoOver the last few years AlphaPlus has been focusing on increasing adult literacy skills through the use of digital technologies by supporting educators and stakeholders with research, tools and training.

In the process, we have learned that many Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) organizations would really like to use more digital technologies in their work. However, these organizations find that getting supports to make this happen can be difficult and expensive.

With this in mind, our team decided to explore the possibility of introducing a new service (to be offered free-of-charge) that will provide IT planning and integration supports to help LBS organizations seize upon opportunities for teaching and learning with digital technology.

Within the next few weeks, we plan to reach out to a group of 40 randomly selected LBS organizations to find out what services and supports they would find most meaningful and valuable in this area.

We will also post more information on our website to get your help in shaping the new services.

Stay tuned for more updates!