Voices Speak to the Data: Feedback from Participants in the PIAAC On-line Field Trial

October 7th, 2013 by Administrator

This short report summarizes the results of two independent surveys. The first was undertaken by AlphaPlus, surveying literacy practitioners about their own and adult learners’ experiences participating in the PIAAC On-line Field Trial. The second was undertaken by PTP Adult Learning and Employment Programs, surveying the learners in their program who participated in the Field Trial. We hope to contribute to the discussion about PIAAC On-line by providing some quantitative but foremost qualitative data that speaks to the data collected through the Field Trial.

Note that the PIAAC On-line Field trial intended to test the question items and not the participants in the Field Trial. There were a limited number of question items included in this non-adaptive version of PIAAC On-line. Some findings in this report speak to these limitations. Further testing may be done to evaluate the potential uses of the test.

To find out more about the PIAAC On-line Field Trial in Ontario read more here.

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