e-Learning Solutions in Action

July 24th, 2016 by Alan Cherwinski

Adult education providers can access our team of education and technology consultants for free services like coaching, and technology assessments to help them work better.

We support LBS programs to harmonize and catalogue existing education resources, implement new tech tools, and deliver customized adult education learning sessions and workshops.

Here is just one technology solution the AlphaPlus team helped our LBS clients adopt.

The Solution: Internal Dropbox Network

Organization Need:
A secure internal network and storage system that is easy to use and maintain, and available free of charge.

The Solution:
A Dropbox powered information exchange network. Dropbox lets teams and learners upload files they can share and access from anywhere. This free and simple solution was quickly implemented and customized requiring no server-side scripting, equipment set up, technology maintenance or ongoing backups.

Key Benefits:
Great for small organizations on a budget who want to spend less time manually sharing or importing files to learner computers. Dropbox also simplifies document version control providing centralized file management and automatic backups.

For more information contact Senior e-Learning and Research Consultant, Matthias Sturm who helped our LBS client implement this tool.