Getting Organized…

January 9th, 2008 by Administrator


          As I start the new year  –  resolving  (as I do every year!) to be more organized in every way – I have been looking at two Google tools that I hope will help me  to keep my resolution . They are Google Calendar and   Google Notebook 

Google Calendar  is a free online, shareable calendar service.   You decide who can see your calendar when you set it up. It’s fairly easy to use – you just need a Google Account – again very easy to get.   The calendar allows you to keep track of events, invitations, meetings and appointments – just click in the date you want and type – to send out invitations and keep the responses in one place – invitees don’t have to be users of Google calendar to respond.  You can access your calendar from any computer and you can also set it up to receive reminders and notifications on your cell phone!


Google Notebook  allows you to clip and save text, images and links from any web site and organize them in your notebook.  You can access the notebook from any computer, you can share the notebook with others if you choose and you can get access to  your notebook from your cell phone!!

Feel like joining me in getting organized – maybe we can share calendars and notebooks – would love to hear what you think about these tools.