Glogster – poster yourself

August 31st, 2011 by Monika Jankowska-Pacyna

Glogster is both an online tool and a community that allows users to create free, interactive posters called glogs. Very popular in the educational field where teachers and students use glogs as instructional aids, Glogster allows users to share and organize information and ideas using text, images, pictures, videos, audio files and other special effects. It has over one million users.

Based on flash elements, a glog looks like a poster, but users can interact with the content by clicking and watching videos, listening to music or following links directly from the glog. 

Here is an example of a simple glog about Canada:

Check out Top Glogs or New Glogs to see examples of other glogs on the Glogster website.

Glogster is easy to use and can be a great tool to make learning more interactive and fun while also helping literacy students develop and practise their computer skills.

Glogs can be used by students to share their own stories. For example, they could create posters about their family histories or their favourite vacation trips, or they could use glogs to complete class assignments. Students could also create interactive posters about their favourite movies, pets or cities, and have show-and-tell sessions in class to share their work with classmates.     

Explore Good Learning Anywhere’s Glogging Adventures article to see how Sioux Hudson Literacy Council is using glogs with students.

Glogs can be shared with other Glogster users, embedded in external webpages, wikis or blogs, and shared via social networking tools such as Facebook or Twitter. They can even be exported and saved to computer-compatible formats.

To learn more, visit the Glogster or Glogster EDU sites and start glogging today.