Good Learning Anywhere's Glogging Adventures

August 31st, 2011 by Monika Jankowska-Pacyna

I stumbled onto Glogster while perusing one of my favorite resource websites, Go2Web20. I had casually dabbled in WebQuests and “choose your own adventure” type activities, but I was immediately drawn to the visual and creative nature of Glogster. Glogster is an interactive, media- rich “poster” that invites users to integrate images, video, audio and many Web 2.0 programs that can be found on the Internet. These posters are used worldwide by teachers and students to create personal posters, lesson plans, and professional development glogs for anyone to explore. 

The world of Glogster is a growing community of creative genius. As a participant, the really good glogs can take you on enlightening trips on specific subjects, with video, images, webpages and other interactive activities. As a glogger, well, the sky really is the limit with what you can do with Glogster. Ask yourself: “What story would I like to tell?” Chances are your answer will fit beautifully into a glog.  

While Glogster is a relatively new program to Good Learning Anywhere, we’ve been exploring different possibilities. Lillian Ruttan, recipient of the Ivy Tabobondung Award for Leadership, is currently working on her very first glog in which she will share two stories, photo galleries of friends and family, and music and videos that inspire her. We will debut her glog in our September Newsletter.

As Warren Butler, a Good Learning Anywhere instructor pointed out, “glogs can be used to share a learner’s dreams and goals. They can be a great visual reminder of what the learner’s goal is….just so much more rich and interactive.”We’ve also used Glogster to explore different aspects of culture, history and personal stories. Stephanie Park organized a Family Literacy glog in which learners submitted their personal stories and images. 

To celebrate First Nations veterans, we created a glog that tells the individual stories of those soldiers. To say “Thank you” and to give back to our learners, we all worked together on a Christmas glog. Each instructor shared a story, a message, a recipe and some images.  

One of the most exciting things to come out of our experience is the development of “What is a Glog?” and “Introduction to Creating a Glog”, two new courses that will introduce learners and practitioners alike to the wonderful world of Glogster. These two courses are part of our new experiment in which learners will develop content and actively engage in the programs they are learning about. Registration for these and other courses are available here.

“What is a Glog?” will introduce participants to glogging, and to get their hands dirty, the class will be exploring a glog about Shy-Anne Hovorka.

“Introduction to Creating a Glog” will teach learners to become gloggers themselves, and will introduce learners to using media in a creative and original way. We are extremely excited to see what will come out of this course.

If you are an educator, Glogster offers a free Glogster EDU account, which provides 50 extra accounts that can be assigned to learners. Using this feature, practitioners can assign accounts, and learners can start glogging right away without having to sign up for an account themselves. It’s a quick and easy way for learners to start creating content and developing their computer skills.    

So I ask again: “What story would you like to tell?” Do you want to take learners through the history of a musical era? Is there a story you want to tell about your community, your people, or your culture? Do you want to engage learners in active reading? Do you know a learner who has a story to tell?

The sky’s the limit with Glogster.

Sandra Turner is responsible for logistics and communications at Sioux-Hudson Literacy Council.