Good News – Increased funding for adult literacy in Ontario

July 3rd, 2009 by Administrator

Yesterday the  Ontario Minister for Training  Colleges and Universities,  The Honorable John Milloy announced a significant one-time increase ( for 2009-2010) of $33 million to support adult literacy learning in the province.  $25 million will go to community-based, college and school board literacy programs, $5 million will be allocated to expand online literacy  learning opportunities, and $3 million will fund research projects timprove service to adult literacy learners and to develop a province-wide adult literacy curriculum.

Adult literacy programs in Ontario  had not received an increase in funding for close to 14 years  – and the demands for adult literacy services continues to increase and expand  –   organizations across the province, including the Ontario Literacy Coalition were instrumental in bringing this sorry state of affairs to the attentionof the minister and his staff .      This much needed increase in funding , is very  very welcome – and we hope signals a brighter future for  adult literacy learners, practitioners and programs.