Google Forms – an easy way to create online polls, registration forms or quizzes

January 30th, 2012 by Monika Jankowska-Pacyna

Google Docs, a free, web-based office suite and data storage service offered by Google, includes Google Forms – a tool that allows users to quickly create and administer simple polls, subscriptions, tests or questionnaires.

With 97 themes that can be quickly applied to the form and seven question types to choose from, Google Forms can be a great tool for practitioners to use to give online quizzes, organize contests, manage registrations, or gather feedback. Students can also practice their digital skills by learning how to fill out various forms and by quickly setting up their own polls or questionnaires as part of an assignment or project.

Visit Using Google Forms to collect responses to explore how AlphaPlus used Google Forms to organize its first website scavenger hunt contest. We also use Google Forms to allow interested trainees to register or to add names to a waiting list for our Moodle training. Request a Seat in Introduction to Moodle Training 2012 is an example of a form we have set up recently.

Creators have an option to customize the confirmation message after the form is completed, and decide whether participants can see the results submitted by others or not. They can then email the form to participants, obtain a link to the form or get an HTML code that will allow them to embed the form directly into a web page or blog post.

It is also possible to have multiple administrators of the form and to control whether the form is visible to anyone, to those with a link or kept private.

A great feature of Google Forms is the ability for creators to immediately receive and see the form responses in a spreadsheet that is connected to the form. There is no need to export or format the responses. They are automatically added and organized by question in the form. A time stamp is also automatically added by the system to each entry. The spreadsheet can be used directly online or downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet, an Open Office spreadsheet, a PDF or even a text file.

With one click, it is also possible to see the results as a summary with graphs or charts that are automatically generated by Google Forms.

Google Forms might not have all the features available through Survey Monkey, but it is a great tool for creating quick and simple registrations, polls or quizzes and gathering responses in a spreadsheet format.