Information Technology makes us Happier!!!!!!!!

May 17th, 2010 by Administrator

According to a just released research report    The Information Dividend: Can IT make you “Happier” by BCS  The Chartered Institute for IT in the U.K. ( they’ve been around since 1957!!) – information technology has a positive  impact our sense of well-being  because we experience a greater sense of freedom and  control – most significantly the research claims that information technology  “empowers the disempowered”  … as the report goes on to say…

“In fact much of the improvement in life satisfaction that arises from information technology flows to those who are less well placed in society.  Those on lower incomes or with fewer educational qualifications appear to benefit more from access to IT than those on higher incomes or with higher educational backgrounds.”

Check out the full report – it seems to me that the findings should be particularly interesting to those of us in the adult literacy sector – there are all sorts of possible implications here for equity, access to technology, learning, autonomy and power………..