– free and easy-to-use screen sharing tool

September 28th, 2011 by Monika Jankowska-Pacyna is a very simple and easy-to-use screen sharing tool that can be used for technical support, to review documents and designs, to train staff and students, or to demonstrate products and services.

Although there are many other screen sharing tools that perform more functions, such as Mikogo or Team Viewer, is a good option if you want something quick, easy and simple. You don’t even need to register!

Explore AlphaPlus: Using screen sharing tools at board meetings to learn how we use at AlphaPlus.

With the free version of you can:

  • share your screen with up to 250 people
  • pause the screen sharing at any time
  • chat with participants
  • talk on your own phone or use free conferencing tools (however, the dial-in number is in the U.S. and long distance charges may apply)
  • share files
  • use an App to watch someone else’s screen on an iPad, iPhone or an android.

The pro version provides additional features, including personal link & background, meeting scheduler and lock, desktop application and user management, and international conference calling.

To start sharing a screen, users simply:

  1. Type in in the browser’s address section – you will notice that the address will change to which is a secured access
  2. Click on share

  3. Download and run a small file that will launch the screen sharing tools (this is done every time a user wants to share a screen)

  4. And voila! The screen sharing is now activated and tools with a special 9-digit code are now available. The code can be quickly shared with session participants via phone or email.

    Note that the biggest button has a broadcast icon. The presenter can click on it to pause the screen sharing.

  5. Participants who want to see the shared screen also go to the website and in the join section type in the session code.
  6. As soon as they type in the code, they see the shared screen and their own tools pop up.

    Note that the participant’s tools are green and that the biggest button is a zoom in and out tool that makes it easier to adjust the view of the shared screen. Also there are now two participants in the session – the presenter and the viewer.

Since helps users share the screen, presenters can simply navigate between programs, tabs and browsers and whatever they see on the screen gets broadcasted to the viewers. They can even give mouse controls to the participants (one at a time) and then participants can navigate and control the presenter’s screen. Isn’t that amazing!

Visit today to give it a try. Don’t forget – it’s free!

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