Learning and Technology in 2018

December 16th, 2008 by Administrator

 Stephen Downes has been an inspiration and a guide as we work on supporting the integration of technology in adult literacy. here at AlphaPlus 

In his daily blog OLDaily  he has introduced us to some of the most exciting concepts, ideas, tools and applications – and his emphasis on the liberating potential of technology to support us all in our learning has been a guiding light for us.

10 years ago Stephen wrote about where technology would be in 2008,  and of course most of what he predicted then is now reality.  Ten years later he has provided us with an amazing update  in  which he looks ahead to 2018 and describes the trends and tools that we will take for granted and what this will mean for learning and education. 

Read  The Future of Online Learning – 10 years on  to see  what Stehpen has to say about inexpensive wireless broadband,  portable operating systems, flash storage, portable and affordable devices, online libaries of content and much much more…

Though today we stand at the cusp of this new vision, the future will see institutions and traditional forms of education receding gradually, reluctantly, to a tide of self-directing and self-motivated learners. This will be the last generation in which education is the practice of authority, and the first where it becomes, at has always been intended by educators, an act of liberty.” (S. Downes – The Future of Online Learning (2008))