Literacy and the Canadian Economy

July 27th, 2009 by Administrator

Two very interesting items about literacy and the Canadian Economy have come across my desk recently. The first is a short (9 minute) video  Literacy  By the Numbers in which Scott Murray of Data Angel presents the economic argument for investing in adult learning. The video is available on the Literacy Nova Scotia web site and on YouTube … it is well worth viewing.

ABC Canada released  the results of a study commissioned by the ABC Canada Literacy Foundation and conducted by Ipsos Reid which shows that upgrading literacy and skills is a high priority for working Canadians and that a majority (72%) of working Canadians believe that the current level of adult literacy – that is reading, writing and mathematics skills among adults for whom English or French is their first language – is a ‘problem’.

The survey also shows that 21%   of working Canadians do not ‘strongly agree’ that ‘if they were to lose their job today, they possess the necessary literacy skills to secure a new job’. You can see the tabulatr results of the study at the Ipsos Reid web site  – click  HERE to download the full report

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