A new round of coaching sessions is opening: Meet your AlphaPlus coaches

March 21st, 2022 by Administrator

Do you have ideas for using technology within your adult literacy teaching or program administration? You don’t have to figure everything out on your own. Instead, consider working with an AlphaPlus technology coach.

AlphaPlus coaches can help you explore a wide range of technology applications —blended learning, digitizing course content, file sharing and more. All AlphaPlus coaches have expertise in using digital technology in education and experience in adult literacy education. 

Meet the AlphaPlus technology coaching team

A new round of coaching is now opening, creating new opportunities to work with a guide and supporter by your side. To help you think about how we can help you this year, we’d like to introduce you to the AlphaPlus coaches. Here’s a glimpse of each coach’s unique perspective and the technology tools and applications they’re excited to explore with you.

Guylaine Vinet

While Guylaine has experience with a wide range of platforms, tools and approaches, she focuses on helping practitioners to realize their goals. Guylaine has a particular passion for supporting instructors struggling with technology and is available to coach in both English and French.

A 2021 highlight

“Last year, I trained a team that had just started using Google Workspace on the use of Google Drive. Our focus together was on understanding the structure and file sharing, but I was happy to see that the instructors have continued learning on their own, building learning resources within the various Google apps!”

2022 opportunities

“After the steep learning curve and technology implementation of the last two years, we’ve noticed that instructors feel more confident and ready to build resources to share with learners. Their requests are becoming more precise, and they demonstrate increased confidence. We’re ready to keep answering practitioners’ questions about instructional guidance, usability and sharing of resources — and rise to the challenge of supporting them in their new vision.”

Monika Jankowska-Pacyna

Monika is a big fan of working with and exploring Google Apps, Canva and social media tools, taking advantage of their flexibility and freedom to set up or design new systems, graphics and marketing materials. She always has hints, tips and shortcuts to share when using these tools.

She loves using a brief solution-focused approach in her coaching practice. 

A 2021 highlight

“We recently helped a program to apply successfully for a free Google Workspace for nonprofits account. We’ve helped get them set up to have more control of their tools, a wider range of options for working from home, and the ability to collaborate with each other and with learners. It’s so rewarding to watch them explore the new tech — from Shared Drive to Google Sites, Google Classroom to Gmail — and get excited about helping colleagues and learners!”

2022 opportunities

“Instructors have seen the potential for technology and how it can help. I’m optimistic that technology will now become part of face-to-face learning, and learners will be encouraged to use technology every day. With COVID, we realized that technology is an essential everyday tool, and our learners need digital literacy and access to technology to function in today’s world. We can’t ignore that part when working with literacy learners.”

Aletheia Délivré

Aletheia applies a human-centred design lens to coaching, which extends beyond the technology itself and focuses on how people — including learners, administrators, teachers and instructors — are interacting with technology and the goals they’re trying to accomplish. Aletheia is available to coach in English and French.

A 2021 highlight

“One of my coaching participants asked me to provide tech workshops for their colleagues — both instructors and administrators. We shared tech tips and explored a variety of tools for teaching, learning and project administration: Google Jamboard, Flipgrid, Facebook groups, Asana and more. Not only did their positive attitude bring great morale to the workshops, but the group also helped each other through tech questions and troubleshooting.”

2022 opportunities

“After the leaps and bounds of technology adoption of the last two years, literacy and basic skills programs haven’t had time to step back and explore this transformation from a holistic perspective. I’m excited about intentionally using design techniques to move further into strategic capacity building — designing organizational supports and processes based on understanding an individual’s experiences and goals.”

Are you ready to work with an AlphaPlus coach? We’re ready to help bring your technology vision to life. Register now to secure your spot in our 2022 round of technology coaching sessions.