New! Useful Apps List

November 29th, 2018 by Administrator

Introducing our list of Useful Apps. There are lots of interesting Apps out there but we know that finding good apps to support adult literacy and numeracy teaching and learning can be a very time consuming undertaking.

We hope to make it a bit easier by providing comprehensive reviews of Apps including descriptions, OALCF competencies addressed, the subject or topic area covered, and how the App could be used for literacy and numeracy learning and to support engagement and motivation. We also include Apps that are useful for program administration, note taking, productivity, collaborative work and more.

We are starting small but, with your help we will grow the list, adding new apps on an ongoing basis. We invite you to help us build the repository by submitting your own reviews – if we all share what we know and what we find most useful we will come up with a great list of apps and save time. Although many apps in the repository are available for various devices, we were only able to test them on iPads.