Nominating Maxine for an EO Leadership Award

April 22nd, 2015 by Monika Jankowska-Pacyna

We are excited to announce that we have nominated Maxine Brown-Simpson, the LBS instructor from Dixon Hall in Toronto who participated in our March webinars to share her experience with using Evernote in her multi-level classroom, for the Employment Ontario Leadership Award.

Maxine is among 36 other innovation nominees for this special award and we feel privileged to have had a chance to work with and learn from Maxine. The award winner will be announced at a special ceremony on May 25 at the Toronto Public Library, and we will be there to cheer for Maxine and all the other amazing EO leaders!

Here is what Maxine’s learners wrote in their letters of support for this nomination:

Since using Evernote, the tool that Maxine is using with us, I have improved a lot. I am learning math and computer skills and I am sharing my learning with my children. With Evernote, I get to practice any topic as many times as I want to, go to any topic I want to at any time and I can get my work anywhere I have an internet connection. Maxine puts a lot of activities in my Evernote notebook and I get to choose what I want to do at each class. Evernote has really changed the way we are learning at Dixon Hall. We are very happy with our instructor who is very dedicated to each of us. She listens to us, observes us and gives us a lot of suggestions, and tries different things with us to help us learn. – Antoinette

Evernote is the best thing that could ever happen in our class. We are all learning different things, but we are now using Evernote to get our lessons. I also love the little thought that Maxine shares with us each week in our notebooks. I am getting there slowly but surely, just like Maxine told me. I think that every LBS class should use Evernote to help people like me. – Fatuma


Evernote is making a big difference in our class, I can see where it is helping all of us. Maxine can now spend time with my classmates who need more help and I don’t feel bored, frustrated or ignored. She always checks to find out who needs help. Now we don’t have to look for our work in a paper folder, instead we go to our Evernote folder and choose what we want to do each day. – Hien


To learn more about Maxine’s use of Evernote, explore our webinar recording and slides and YouTube videos with Maxine and her learners.