Partnering with LLSC to explore how literacy programs in southwestern Ontario use digital technologies

October 24th, 2012 by Monika Jankowska-Pacyna

technologyAfter we published a report on Learning Together with Digital Technologies: Illustrative Case Studies that looked at how four literacy agencies in Toronto were working with digital technologies, we were contacted by Tamara Kaattari, the Executive Director of Literacy Link South Central (LLSC), who had read our resource and wanted to explore ways in which her own network, or at least some of the programs within it, could benefit from having an AlphaPlus staff person work with them to better implement technology. LLSC is a regional literacy network based out of London that provides service to six counties in southwestern Ontario.

In her own words, Tamara identified the following need:

“I want to access AlphaPlus’ expertise to help some of our practitioners really figure out how to integrate technology. I think we need more than a workshop – we need someone to come in to some of our programs, sit with practitioners from those programs, get to know what the programs actually do and who they do it for and brainstorm ways in which they (the program staff) can integrate more technology without undue stress on the staff or the program budget.”

And so, after further discussions and negotiations with Tamara, our Projects Coordinator Monika met with instructors from three literacy programs to gather information on their technology integration and resources they use with their students. Monika will provide Tamara with a report on the information she gathered and LLSC plans to take the experiences from the three programs and the lessons learned and put them into a network newsletter to serve as a guide and a reminder to other LLSC programs for how they might consider integrating technology further.

Tamara said that the feedback from the programs has been very positive, with one program describing the opportunity as a “luxury” that they are thrilled to have been able to access. From AlphaPlus’ perspective, we are pleased that our Learning Together with Digital Technologies project has had this positive ripple effect. This kind of partnership demonstrates how, when we work together, we can effectively transfer knowledge throughout the literacy field to benefit learners – a vision that we are all striving towards.

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