Pocket – tools for note taking and archiving

June 29th, 2012 by Monika Jankowska-Pacyna

Pocket (formerly Read it Later) is a simple tool that lets you save video, images, text and other content all in one place to read later.Whether you are browsing the Internet or using apps like Twitter, with one click you can save the content to review at a later time.

Once saved to Pocket, the list of content is visible on any device – phone, tablet or computer. It can be viewed while
waiting in line, sitting on the couch or during commutes or travel – even offline.

Here is how it works:

  1. Visit http://getpocket.com and set up an account

  2. Visit the How to save section to add the bookmark button to your bookmarks toolbar

  1. Browse the Internet and click on the Pocket button any time you want to save content to read it later

  2. Access the saved content through the Pocket website or through Apps on your phone or tablet

You can also email links to Pocket by sending any link that you want to save to add@getpocket.com

Did you know that Pocket is integrated into over 290 applications across many platforms you may already use? It means you could save to Pocket from various apps like Twitter, Pulse, Google Currents or Flipboard.

This simple-to-use interface can be a great tool for busy educators. It can also be used by students to help them manage online research or simply to showcase and help expand their technology skills.

With our busy schedule isn’t it great to know that you can press a button and save content to read it later!

Click here to explore how our colleague Monika uses Pocket to manage her ever growing list of things to read, check or review.