Research report on cloud computing is now available on our website

June 9th, 2011 by Monika Jankowska-Pacyna

As we enter the “smart” age, smartphones are becoming ubiquitous and free Internet is becoming available in many public places. This new landscape paves the way for the power of Cloud Computing and its potential impact on Adult Literacy. Cloud Computing and a number of other opportunities are discussed in AlphaPlus’ recently published report, Cloud Computing: What is Cloud Computing and Why is it Important for Adult literacy? 

The first published report of its kind, its central theme stipulates that literacy organizations and researchers can collaborate on Cloud Computing services, creating a powerful synergy and greater potential for service.

The report identifies several other opportunities, including increased access to learning via the Internet and Internet-based tools; the opportunity for community collaboration; and a centralized online space where adult educators and learners could share a large volume of resources, workspaces, tools, forums, and more. In addition, Cloud Computing can reduce operational costs for literacy organizations, while boosting their computing power and increasing access to software and services online.

Click here to access the report in PDF.