Short-term IT coaching: Adapting rapidly with technology

May 20th, 2020 by Kate Palbom

Over the past few weeks, many LBS programs have reached out to AlphaPlus for support regarding how best to work from home and how to reach and connect with learners from a distance. Many are also reflecting on the inevitable changes the pandemic will place on how they do their work in the future. Our technology coaching services are here, as ever, to support teams and learners navigating the remote learning and working landscape.

Expedited, short-term coaching available

Teams who require support to make rapid changes to their program delivery and communication methods are invited to reach out to access short-term technology coaching sessions. Our coaches can help teams quickly identify technologies and tools that suit their current unique needs and can help programs improve administrative processes while keeping in touch with learners.

To learn more or sign up for short-term coaching, contact Alan Cherwinski, Executive Director.