Teaching and Learning Online

July 15th, 2009 by Administrator

“Online learning is growing because of increased demand, high accessibility, lower participant costs, high flexibility and other factors.
Technology is continuously evolving and is providing new and effective methods for online learning and collaboration.”

This is a quote from the  Trends  in Online Learning section of the Getting Online web site the latest product of the GO Project which conducted extensive research on trends, promising practices, technologies and issue in online learning in the adult literacy community across Canada.  The Getting Online site is a cornucopia of information, ideas, insights and resources on online learning  and literacy – very well worth a visit.

Another very interesting site is Ednak which describes itself as a “thought-networking” site – Ednak was created by  a small group of online educators in the U.S. as a place to share ideas, learning and questions about online education. Although the focus of the site is on online learning in colleges and universities there is a great deal of very interesting and useful materials there for all of us who are interested in teaching and learning online. In particular  there is a set of  37 short videos in which experienced online educators share their knowledge and experience. Here is just a very small sample of what’s available: Best Practices in Online Education, Using Moodle in the Classroom, Serving as a Learning Guide.