AlphaPlus: The power of sharing — social bookmarking and the AlphaPlus Web Index

April 11th, 2011 by Guylaine Vinet

For the past decade, staff here at AlphaPlus has been developing an online collection of resources – the Web Index. The Index was built by following the trends in adult literacy and responding to the needs expressed by the adult literacy field. It has now become a collection of links to over 1000 web-based resources on all aspects of adult basic education and literacy.

For a long time, the Index was available on our website and its content was accessible through a list of subjects. Then came social bookmarking…

Social bookmarking tools let users save their bookmarks and share them publicly. They also allow communities of users to look at websites and keeping track of the ones that they think are valuable. Some of these users are interested in adult basic education and literacy.

Moving the Index into a social bookmarking tool

Social bookmarking sounded like such a good idea that we thought we should move the content of the Web Index into this type of tool. It would enable us to streamline the work involved in maintaining the Web Index and give users more power. We chose the social bookmarking tool Delicious. Delicious has been around for quite a number of years and has a large number of users.

Benefits for the users

Making the Web Index available through a tool like Delicious has brought many benefits to its users:

  • more search options: by tags, groups of tags, in the title and descriptions
  • users can search the bookmarks of everyone on Delicious at the same time they search the Web Index
  • users of the Web Index can open their own account in Delicious and save bookmarks that they like, building their own collection
  • users can network their Delicious account with peer educators.

If you would like to learn more about the Web Index and Delicious, we invite you to view our tutorials. You can access the Web Index on Delicious at this address:

How to participate, share and build a community

The more we, as adult literacy educators participate in social bookmarking, the more we can share, build and save some time while building resource collections. If you think this is something that you would like to try:

  • the first step is to open an account on Delicious and start bookmarking the resources you like
  • add the Web Index to your Delicious network to easily access its content.

We have been very satisfied users of social bookmarking here at AlphaPlus. We want to spread our enthusiasm to adult literacy educators and organizations!

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