Moodle, an online course and learning management system (LMS), is a free open-source community-based software package designed using sound pedagogical principles to help educators create effective online learning resources and communities.

AlphaPlus began to use the Moodle LMS in 2007 to host online courses for adult educators and learners interested in trying out online learning. Moodle is one of the training platforms used by AlphaPlus and over 304 adult educators have learned to use Moodle by taking one or more of the AlphaPlus Moodle training courses. No new Moodle training courses are currently being planned or offered.

AlphaPlus supports the Ontario adult literacy educators and Employment Ontario partners in exploring and using new technologies by hosting the Moodle Websites listed below:

The Online Classrooms & Courses for Adult Learners.

The Online Classrooms & Courses for Educators.