Welcome to our list of Useful Apps . There are lots of interesting Apps out there but we know that finding good apps to support adult literacy and numeracy teaching and learning can be a very time consuming undertaking .

We hope to make it a bit easier by providing comprehensive reviews of Apps including descriptions, OALCF competencies addressed, the subject or topic area covered, and how the App could be used for literacy and numeracy learning and to support engagement and motivation . We also include Apps that are useful for program administration, note taking, productivity, collaborative work and more .

We are starting small but, with your help we will grow the repository, adding new apps on an ongoing basis . We invite you to help us build the list by submitting your own reviews – if we all share what we know and what we find most useful we will come up with a great list of apps and save time .



Prizmo Go- Instant Text OCR

Prizmo Go – Instant Text Capture allows users to scan any text, using the built-in iPad camera, and hear it read aloud. The basic App is free , if you want extended options e.g. copy and paste, in-App purchases ranging from approx. $0.99 to $7.99 are available.

MiniMod Reading for Details Lite

MiniMod Reading for Details is useful App to support reading comprehension. This is a bingo like game, students read a short passage about an inventor and her or his invention and then practice their understanding. The game is available at 3 levels of reading difficulty.  

Singular and Plural Match

Singular and Plural Match is a simple and  entertaining word match game in which players match the singular and plural form of a word.  There are three levels of difficulty and the game can be played alone or by up to four players at a time.

Tap Math

A simple yet challenging math game focusing on operations and times tables. The game offers 4 modes – Children Mode ( the easiest), Hardcore Mode ( most challenging), Operations, users choose the operations they want to practice, Times Tables, for multiplication practice.  There is also a Multiplayer option which allows  a two player game on…

Spelling Star

A practical spelling app. Instructors  and students can easily create custom lists and add words. Each word added can be recorded.  Students can repeat attempts at correct spelling of each word multiple times.

Buzz Words

An engaging spelling game. Press the buzzer to start the game and make as many words as you can, in one minute,  from 6 letters displayed on the screen.

MathBoard Fractions

A practical App for learning about and practicing Fractions.    Activities include,  Exploring proper and improper fractions Learning to match a fraction to a quantity  Simplifying fractions Comparing fractions Ordering fractions Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Dragon Anywhere

A dictation App that allows users to dictate text – without the need for any typing. The app allows continuous dictation with no time or document size limits and also allows users to format and edit their documents using their voice. This App could be helpful for students to create simple to complex documents and could…

G1 Test Genius Ontario

The  G1 Test Genius Ontario App is based on the official 2018 MTO Driver’s Handbook.  The app allows users to practice for the G1 Test through sets of randomized test questions.  The App offers 3 levels of difficulty, Easy, Hard and Exam Mode.
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