Using Delicious to manage and share your bookmarks

March 28th, 2013 by Monika Jankowska-Pacyna

deliciousAlthough we have covered Delicious in our Featured Technology section in the past, in the last few years it has undergone so many changes that we thought we should revisit this topic.

As a teacher, Delicious can become an easy way to share resources with colleagues. You can each set up an account and create a network. You can also use Delicious with learners, setting up a classroom account in which students can save their bookmarks while working on a specific project, for example.

Delicious is a free service to which you can subscribe – that hasn’t changed.

When you subscribe, you can:

  • save all your bookmarks in your Delicious account (links, videos, pictures, etc.)
  • view your bookmarks from any computer, at home or at work
  • organize your bookmarks by adding keywords (tags) and descriptions
  • share your bookmarks with others
  • find other users who have interesting bookmarks and add their links to your collection.

If you don’t want to subscribe, you can still browse content bookmarked by others by visiting

Although the purpose and premise of Delicious hasn’t changed, the layout and functionality has changed a bit. Here is the new look:

web index on delicious

A quick scan of the page allows you to see the latest bookmarks, tags, and descriptions; even how many other users bookmarked the link and how they described it. A big plus symbol allows you to quickly add the bookmark to your own account as well.

It’s also possible to search the bookmarked content by tags and tag bundles. However, in the past we were able to set up the content as “stacks” or groupings and that feature doesn’t seem to work anymore. It’s also a bit harder to search for specific bookmarks and some useful information, such as the number of bookmarks related to a specific tag, is not always visible.

It’s interesting to note though that some of the new Delicious features bring it closer to Twitter. For example, in the search box below, the account is marked as @alphapluswebindex and in Twitter, the @ symbol indicates an account name. Also the tag has a # symbol in front which is known as a hashtag in Twitter.

Finally, when you move your mouse over the AlphaPlus logo, the cursor brings up a Twitter button which allows you to share the bookmark on Twitter.

At AlphaPlus, we have been using Delicious to manage the Web Index and although we find the ongoing changes a bit frustrating (content gets reorganized and moved around, some features disappeared or look different and we often need to update our instructional resources), it is still a good tool to quickly bookmark, organize and share your online content.

For example, as we explore online resources, we look for, tag and index content related to the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF). Our OALCF_A1 tag will show these results:

web index on delicious OALCF tag

You will also see that there are many other OALCF-related tags and bookmarked resources:

We invite you explore our Delicious account and share with us if and/or how you are using it.

Once you start saving your bookmarks in Delicious, you can also:

  • add buttons to your browser to quickly save links to web pages
  • group your content into tag bundles
  • follow other users to see what they are bookmarking

To learn more about Delicious, visit:

The Help section –

The blog –

If you are a smartphone user, you might also be interested in the Delicious iPhone App available at