Voki – create speaking avatars to communicate and interact with your students

April 30th, 2012 by Monika Jankowska-Pacyna

Voki is a quick and fun way to create a talking digital representation of a person, often referred to as a speaking avatar, to enhance online content.

Combined with audio or even video, these speaking characters can add a more ’human’ or interactive element to the online classroom, website or blog. For example, practitioners can use a voki avatar to introduce a course or a topic or to read out specific instructions, and students can use voki to enhance their assignments and activities.

What do you think about our speaking voki below? We added it to read out some of the above content for you. 

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Click here to explore how Tracey Mollins is using Voki to enhance her online courses. 

Voki characters are animated and they can look like a person, an animal, a monster, etc. They can be customized by choosing background, hair colour, glasses, and even ‘bling.’

You can have your voki read out the text you provide or you can use your own voice by adding it with a microphone, as an upload, or by phone.

After you create the voki avatar, add the voice, set up the background and choose the player, you can publish it to email to a friend or get code to add it to your course, website or blog.

To check out and play with various voki character styles and customize their voices and backgrounds without having to create an account, visit http://www.voki.com/ and click on the CREATE tab.

Consider enhancing your lesson activities with a voki or having students set up voki characters to read out their assignments or poems. It can be a fun and great way to improve their digital technology skills.

To see how others are using Voki in their lesson plans, visit http://www.voki.com/lesson_plans.php