About AlphaPlus

Digital technology has the potential to increase the relevance, responsiveness and reach of adult literacy education programs. By using digital technology in the adult literacy sector, we can build capacity, create equity and access to learning and enhance learning experiences.

AlphaPlus is Ontario’s only organization focused on helping adult literacy education professionals to incorporate digital technology. We build confidence and empower adult education professionals to develop innovative new approaches, supporting and developing the capacity of adult literacy education throughout the province.

Our history and expertise

AlphaPlus has led the way for technology use in the literacy community since 1996, originating in the merger of an electronic discussion forum for literacy practitioners and learners (AlphaCom) and a Toronto Public Library adult literacy and language training project for practitioners (Alpha Ontario).

Today, we work as a leader and guide for professionals in our sector. With expertise in digital technology in education and experience in the adult literacy education field, our specialized team members help literacy programs integrate technology in innovative ways. 

Our Approach

We address the adult literacy sector’s need for digital technology support by providing direct services, knowledge exchange, and leadership within the sector.

We offer direct, customized support in the form of tools, training and tailored coaching, helping adult literacy educators integrate technology into teaching and program managers and coordinators to integrate technology into program administration. We facilitate learning and networking by curating resources and exchanging knowledge, best practices and hands-on experiences. Through research and advocacy, we explore issues and opportunities in our field and champion the use of technology in adult education.

Why It Matters

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I’ve been defeated by digital tech so often because it’s not intuitive to me, but small steps, explained well, have given me a much greater understanding and the confidence to begin to work with some of what’s available.

LBS Educator

We’re working toward a vision in which all Canadians have the necessary literacy and digital skills to actively participate, learn, and succeed in social, political, cultural and economic life. See our strategic plan to learn more about our current priorities and goals.

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