Training & Workshops

Our workshops cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Overviews and demonstrations of emerging digital tools and resources.
  • How adult educators are using technology in creative ways.
  • Building learning experiences in technology-rich environments.

We are currently offering scheduled workshops as a part of these projects:

Past Workshops

Blended Learning Collection

Our Position Paper on Blended Learning online and a collection of related resources.

Educator Resources

What Is Blended Learning?

AlphaPlus staff worked with Audrey Gardner and Matthias Sturm on a paper that describes blended learning in literacy and basic…

Educator Resources

Number Sense and Technology

In this webinar, we looked at research about number sense, some promising practices and how digital technology can support the…

Educator Resources

Tested Tools to Add to Your Digital Toolbox in 2018

Learn about tools such as Padlet, Facebook Messenger, Prioritab, Google Keep and Protopage, and find out how you could use…

Educator Resources

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Work with us to develop innovative technology solutions that effectively advance your program objectives.

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Join eNet to collaborate with inspiring educators and explore blended learning tools and approaches.

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Planning Your
Digital Toolbox

Join this self-directed course to explore blended learning tools and approaches through reflective practice.

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Quick Tech

Don’t struggle. Ask us your just-in-time tech questions and we’ll find the answer that works best for you.

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