Strategic Direction

Our Priorities

AlphaPlus recognizes the role of technology as an enabler for each citizen’s social well-being and economic sustainability. We’re advocates for fair and just access to resources that guarantees equal outcomes for groups and individuals.

AlphaPlus is a champion for the creative use of technology as an essential component in creating high-quality education.

As a system leader, AlphaPlus collaborates with the network of literacy and basic skills (LBS) providers, support organizations and regional networks to build technology-rich adult learning environments that empower literacy learners to successfully participate in lifelong and lifewide learning, both within and outside literacy programs.

Our Plans

In order to strengthen our field, we have three strategic goals for 2019-22. Read more about each goal below. For a deeper dive, download the complete 2019-22 Strategic Direction document.

  • Strengthen AlphaPlus’s visibility and relationships within the LBS sector and promote AlphaPlus’s value as a strategic leader for technology.
  • Lead the creation of a shared vision and strategy, working with key sector partners. 
  • Develop strategic partnerships with key leaders in innovation, technology and workforce-development sectors to strengthen alignment with broader strategies and opportunities. 
  • Leverage research, evaluation and promising practice to create a compelling business case for technology-rich adult learning.
  • Work with sector partners to develop and implement a strategic communications plan to promote the value and impact of the LBS sector in closing the tech gap. 
  • Develop productive working relationships with government officials and act as a trusted advisor and intermediary on technology-related issues and opportunities. 
  • Promote a sector-wide technology culture by sharing evidence, showcasing promising examples and facilitating shared learning. 
  • Strengthen the knowledge and capacity of the LBS sector to create technology-rich learning experiences through initiatives including: 
    • E-learning, apps, etc. 
    • Tech coaching.
    • Convening and participating in conferences, workshops and events. 
    • Peer learning and mentoring across the network. 
    • Modelling AlphaPlus’s approach to adult learning and developing models from promising practices.

Vision, Mission & Values

Read our commitments to the people and programs we work with and for as we build capacity and facilitate learner engagement and success.

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Case Studies

Learn what digital technology has made possible for instructors and administrators working in adult literacy education in Ontario and how AlphaPlus has helped.

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