Technology Coaching

What would it mean to you to have support as you look for the technology solutions that enhance classroom learning and simplify administrative activities?

Do you work in an adult literacy program in Ontario? Access coaching from AlphaPlus by sharing a few details with us first.

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How Coaching Works

AlphaPlus coaches work side by side with you through the entire process of choosing the technology that will move your organization toward the vision or outcome you’d like to achieve.

We leverage our knowledge of technology and what is working well in similar programs with our capacity for research to streamline a process of exploration and experimentation that will ensure that you arrive at the best solution for your context.

1. Work plan development

We take a collaborative approach to coaching, meeting you where you are at, whether you are just beginning with the digital tool(s) or are an advanced user looking for more innovative ideas and options.

First, we’ll meet with you to discuss your hopes and specific needs. We’ll take inventory of your existing and required resources and services and develop a customized work plan that takes into account your availability and organizational demands.  

Our work together can focus on, but is not limited to:

  • Updating your current technology and tools  (for example, applying for and implementing  Google Workspace).
  • Getting trained on using a specific application, tool, website or other digital technology (for example, setting up a file system in SharePoint or Google Drive).
  • Discussing examples and ideas on how others have dealt with a similar issue, idea or approach you are exploring, and testing it out together. 

2. Free training & support

We provide free training and support to Literacy and Basic Skills organizations in Ontario. We will work with you for up to a year on items identified in the work plan. We’ll meet at a frequency that makes sense for you, working through problems together, giving you a chance to try and explore various tools and approaches, and developing resources that will support you. Along the way, your coach will bring your questions and challenges back to our team, tapping into AlphaPlus’s collective solutions and ideas.

3. Progress & outcome evaluation

At the end of each coaching cycle, we’ll work with you to review the work plan outlining your initial objectives and discuss progress and outcomes of our work. You will be asked to provide feedback on your experience.

The AlphaPlus team is invaluable and second to none. The foundation of adult literacy is empowering, educating and equipping — AlphaPlus empowers, educates, and equips us to serve learners better.”

— Janet Oettgen

Program Co-ordinator/Instructor, Niagara West Adult Learning Centre

Are you ready to work with a technology coach by your side? 

Contact us for a quick chat with a coach to discuss your hopes and ideas. We will be able to offer examples and tips you might not have considered and then you can decide if you want to work with us on the next steps.

Contact us:

Monika (English) –
Guylaine (French) – 

The AlphaPlus team is invaluable and second to none. The foundation of adult literacy is empowering, educating and equipping — AlphaPlus empowers, educates, and equips us to serve learners better.

Janet Oettgen
Program Coordinator/Instructor for the Niagara West Adult Learning Centre

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